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● ज़िन्दगी को न करो परेशान, ट्रैफिक नियमो का करो सम्मान। ● सडक दुर्घटना से है अगर बचना, तो हमेशा हेलमेट पहने रहना। ● खुद की लाइफ को अगर है बढ़ाना, हमेशा सुरक्षा नियमो को अपनाना। ● सिर है सबसे नाज़ुक, हेलमेट लगाकर बने जागरूक।

Get CBSE 10th 12th Digital Marksheet From Digilocker

Get CBSE in 10th 12th Digital Marksheet From Digilocker

Here you will know how to get CBSE Board 10th or 12th Marksheet From Digi Locker Account. Your CBSE Marksheet is secure in the digital locker for further use. You Can download it anytime from anywhere using your Login Details in the digilocker account.

Get CBSE 10th 12th Digital Marksheet From Digilocker

To save your mark sheet on Digilocker, you must first create an account. You can easily get CBSE 10th 12th mark sheet from digital locker after creating an account. Digital Locker is a great online facility in which you can keep your CBSE mark sheet safe. You can make an account on the official website of Digilocker

Get CBSE 10th or 12th Digital Marksheet From Digilocker

You can get your mark sheet from the Digi Locker by following the steps given below.
  1. First of all, go to the Digi Locker official website
  2. You can visit this website directly from here -
  3. Sign In the account using username ane and password.
  4. You can Sync your Aadhaar No. with DigiLocker (you will need your mobile linked to Aadhaar for validation).
  5. Now go to ‘Issued Documents’ page and select the ‘pull partner' option.
  6. Choose CBSE from the ‘Partner Name’ drop-down.
  7. Now select CBSE Class X Marksheet from the ‘Document Type’ drop-down.
  8. Enter Year of Examination, candidate ID and Index No. then choose the link “Get document” N.B. 
  9. The name is prefilled from Aadhaar data and is not editable. 
  10. You can get the document only if your Aadhaar name matches the name as given in CBSE exam records.
  11. The data from CBSE servers will be showing on the device screen. Save the document.
If you could not get your CBSE / ISC digital mark sheet using the method explained, please write into DigiLocker support at this email ID:

By following the above steps you will get your mark sheets easily from Digi Locker.

You can download your Marks sheet and Also Save or print out for further Use. This way Safe and Secure in Digilocker Account which can access using your Login Details.

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