● ज़िन्दगी को न करो परेशान, ट्रैफिक नियमो का करो सम्मान। ● सडक दुर्घटना से है अगर बचना, तो हमेशा हेलमेट पहने रहना। ● खुद की लाइफ को अगर है बढ़ाना, हमेशा सुरक्षा नियमो को अपनाना। ● सिर है सबसे नाज़ुक, हेलमेट लगाकर बने जागरूक।

Bangalore Traffic Police E- Challan Fine List Online Payment

Bangalore Traffic Police E- Challan Fine List:- With movement online fine installment benefit, anybody can check fines like red light intersection fine or number plate related fines on her/his vehicles on the web. The Traffic police transferred the points of interest of fining of the vehicle on its official locales. One can without much of a stretch pay it by charge/Mastercard or net keeping the money.

Bangalore is a major city and the activity is likewise huge. So the movement police of Bangalore have begun the administration of paying and checking the fines online for problem free work. View the procedure how to check and pay movement fines Bangalore.

Bangalore Traffic Police
Bangalore Traffic Police

Bangalore Traffic Police E- Challan Fine List Online Payment

Name of Department- Bangalore Traffic Police
Name of Challan- Bangalore Traffic Police E challan Price
Official Website- www.bangaloretrafficpolice.gov.in
E Challan Online Payment - Pay on the www.bangaloretrafficpolice.gov.in portal

Type of E Challan- Bike Challan, Car Challan, Over Speed Challan, Without Number Plate or Helmet Challan, Jump Red Light Challan, Without License

Bangalore Traffic Police Challans Price Rate 

Dangerous Drive two-wheelers - M.V.Act. 184 - Rs 300

Dangerous Drive Non-Transport vehicles - M.V.Act. 184- Rs 400

Dangerous Drive Transport vehicles - M.V.Act. 184- Rs 500

Racing or High-speed driving - M.V.Act. 189- Rs 500

Drunken Driving - M.V.Act. 185- Court fine

No Parking - M.V.Act. 177. Rs 100

Driving without the license (Two wheelers) – M.V Act. 181- Rs 300

Driving without the license (Non-transport vehicles) - M.V.Act. 181- Rs 400

Driving without the license (Transport vehicles) - M.V.Act.181- Rs 500

Underage Drive- M.V.Act. 181- Rs 500

Bangalore Traffic Police E- Challan Fine List 

Jumping Traffic signals- KMV rule 119 read with M.V Act. 177- Rs 100

Charging Excessive fare or refusal to come for hire- Rule 13 of KMV/ M.V Act.177- Rs 100 to Rs 300

Defective fare meter- 16 Clause (K) – Rs 100

Defective Silencer-    16 Clause 120 – Rs 100

Emitting black smoke- 190 Clause (2) – Rs 100

Shrill Horne- 190 Clause (2) - Rs 100

Without Permit- 190 Clause 192- Court Fine

Wrong Parking- 190 Clause 117- Rs 100

Cutting Yellow Lane- 190 Clause 119- Rs 100

Defective Number Plate- 190 Clause 50 – Rs 100

No Entry- 190 Clause 115- Rs 100

Footboard Travelling- 94 Clause (2) - Rs 100

Using a mobile phone while driving- Section 230 of KMVR R/W Section 177, I.M.V Act. - Rs 100

Without a helmet- Section 230 of KMVR 1989 in sub-rule (1) - Rs 100

Triple riding- Section 128(1), M.V.Act. R/W Section 177 M.V.Act- Rs 100

Footpath Vendor- Section 92 (G) – Court Fine

No Entry for cycle- Section 92 (b) – Court Fine

Without light for cycle- Section 92 (a) - Court Fine

Stray Cattle- Section 92 (e) – Court Fine

How to Pay Bangalore Traffic Police E Challan Online Payment

Step 1- First of all go to the official site - http://www.bangaloretrafficpolice.gov.in/default.aspx for checking and paying traffic fines in Bangalore.
Step 2- In the next step, you will see the option at the left bottom ‘Pay your fine’.
Step 3- You will see 3 categories In the option ‘Pay your fine’
Pay violation notice,
Pay parking violation notice,
Search and pay via vehicle number.
Step 4- Choose the option ‘pay violation notice.’ Then a page will appear on the screen. It will be asked to fill the following information
Notice number, you can also check full details of your notice by clicking the side option ‘Details’,
Registration number,
Email id,
Current outstanding,
CC charge,
Step 5- After filling all these details select the card type master card or visa card. Then click on the option submit.
Step 6- At the next page fills the card details then you will be redirected to the gateway where you will confirm the payment.
Step 7- After once successful payment at the next page you will see the full details of your transaction and a copy will be sent to your email id also.

Karnataka traffic police have imposed following fines and Challans. We have listed down the detailed traffic offenses, section governing the offenses and the maximum-minimum penalty associated with the offenses.

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