● ज़िन्दगी को न करो परेशान, ट्रैफिक नियमो का करो सम्मान। ● सडक दुर्घटना से है अगर बचना, तो हमेशा हेलमेट पहने रहना। ● खुद की लाइफ को अगर है बढ़ाना, हमेशा सुरक्षा नियमो को अपनाना। ● सिर है सबसे नाज़ुक, हेलमेट लगाकर बने जागरूक।

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List E Challan Online Payment

Delhi Traffic Police Challan: The Delhi Traffic Police set Challan system for traffic discipline in New Delhi. Delhi Police decide to fixed a challan charge 'Street Transport and Safety Bill' and is the most recent proposition for movement challan for New Delhi Drivers, which was posted online for recommendations from people in general. For this, he also fixed the Challan rates. You can easily get the challan rate from the traffic police official website https://delhitrafficpolice.nic.in.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List Check Now

Name of Department- Delhi Traffic Police Challan 
Name of Challan- Delhi Traffic Police Challan E challan Price
E Challan Online Payment - Pay on the https://delhitrafficpolice.nic.in portal

Type of E Challan- Bike Challan, Car Challan, Over Speed Challan, Without Number Plate or Helmet Challan, Jump Red Light Challan, Without Driving Licence

This in sees that every one of the nations that have cut down street mischances has set up a central organization for such issues, without which, no specialist is prepared to assume the liability of a street mishap. This nodal office, if set up, would facilitate the endeavors of both the focal and the state governments. In the post, you will know about all kind Violation of driving challan rates.

Delhi Police set up new challan List for the bad riders. It has been challan keeping in see the well being of open driving on the streets. The challan goes for setting up a specialist for National Highway Traffic Safety, which is motivated by the comparative office working in the United States of America; which is in Challan Rates of dealing with all movement related issues, for example, making structure and issuing rules for issuing driving permit, vehicle enlistment, security of vehicles and examining street mischances Majorly in Delhi.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rate List

Public Interface Traffic Offences
  • Not using seat belts - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • To travel on footboard- Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driving without horn - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driving without silencer - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Violation of traffic signal - Challan Rates - 100/-300/-
  • Triple riding on two-wheeler - Challan Rates - 100/-300/-
  • Traveling without Pass/Ticket1- Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driving left-hand drive indicator - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driver/Pillion rider without the helmet - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Violation of mandatory road signs1- Challan Rates - 100/-300/-
  • Obstructive driving(Extra Passenger on Driver Seat)- Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Obstructive/Improper parking where police direction is indicated by signboard of “No Parking”- Challan Rates -100/-300/-

The Challan Rates for New Delhi proposes to set up Highway Traffic Regulation and Protection Force by the particular state governments to guarantee the unfaltering stream of activity and legitimate authorization of movement rules assumes place.  Delhi Traffic Police Challan (Fine) Rates List is given below.

How to pay Delhi Traffic Police E Challan Online Payment

  • Open the official link of Delhi Traffic Police on Google.
  • Fill the required details that are asked by the official website.
  • Enter your Challan No. Vehicle No. (fill the correct Challan no )
  • Choose the payment method like online payment, credit card or debit card.
  • Now enter the security captcha that is upper the Submit button box.
  • When all the details are filled correctly select Submit Button.
  • By following these steps you will easily pay your e challan online payment.

Check Here-   Full List Of  Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates

These fines and disciplines have been heightened to check the hazard of defective driving. The real reason for street mishaps is tanked driving, crossing as far as possible and declining to security measures, for example, wearing a cap or locking in the safety belt while driving.

Challan Rates of Delhi Traffic Police

Many drivers avoid the traffic rules and make violence in the city so police fix Traffic Challan Rates In Delhi to control them. The bill additionally goes into setting up a Motor Accident Relief Fund which would obligatorily give protection to all. Violation of traffic signal - Challan Rates - 100/-300/. It would be utilized as a part of taking care of the expenses of treating those harmed in a mishap or paying pay to the group of those murdered in street mischances.

1. Pollution Challan Rates In Delhi 

Delhi police has set Air/noise pollution 190(2) MV Act Challan Rates - 1000/- 2000 Rupee.

2. Red Light Jump Fine Price In Delhi 

Delhi police have set  Red Light Jump Fine of colored light on motor DMVR 97(2)/177 MV Act  Challan Rates - 100/- 300/- rupee.

Driving Without light after sunset CMVR 105/177 MV Act  Challan Rates - 100/- 300/-

3. Without Helmet Challan Price In Delhi 

If you drive the bike without a helmet then you will pay 100/- 300/- rupee as Fine according to 129/177 MV Act.

Aside from these  Challan Rates, fines, and discipline, we should drive securely and take after the movement administers as a piece of our city obligation. It should originate from inside and not because of dread from paying fines and confronting disciplines.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Information and Complaint

➧ Traffic Helpline: 25844444/1095
➧ Phone WhatsApp: 8750871493
➧ Complaint Against TSR/Taxi: 56767 SMS
➧ SMS Services/Traffic alert: 166

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