● ज़िन्दगी को न करो परेशान, ट्रैफिक नियमो का करो सम्मान। ● सडक दुर्घटना से है अगर बचना, तो हमेशा हेलमेट पहने रहना। ● खुद की लाइफ को अगर है बढ़ाना, हमेशा सुरक्षा नियमो को अपनाना। ● सिर है सबसे नाज़ुक, हेलमेट लगाकर बने जागरूक।

Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan Rates (Fine) List E Challan online payment

Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan: Rajasthan Traffic Police takes very strict action in case of police invoices. Rajasthan Traffic Police has provided the challan system for those who break traffic rules. Police have made different rules of invoice. If your vehicle is invoiced, you can pay  E- Challan online at the Rajasthan Traffic Police official portal.

Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan Rates

Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan Rates (Fine) List

Name of Department- Rajasthan Traffic Police
Name of Challan- Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan Price
E Challan Online Payment - Pay on the http://jaipurtrafficpolice.rajasthan.gov.in portal

Type of E Challan- Bike Challan, Car Challan, Over Speed Challan, Without Number Plate or Helmet Challan, Jump Red Light Challan, Without Driving Licence

In the post, you will know about Rajasthan Traffic Police E- Challan Fine List. RTO Department set e challan (fine) and penalty list for who drivers break the traffic rules. Indian motor vehicles act- changes in fines and penalties for without seat belt, without helmet, driving without permit fine, drink and drive case fine list, vehicle without allow, overloading fine list for lmv, hmv driving without insurance fine list, speeding/racing penalty, complete rundown of 'new and expanded' activity fines endorsed by union government. In case of breaking the rules, you will have to pay fine.

Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan Rate List

The Rajasthan police have arranged a fine system for drivers who do not follow the rules of traffic. If you do not wear a helmet, then its fine will cost 100 rupees. List of all types of Challan is given below.
Complete Fine list of  Rajasthan Traffic Police E- Challan

S.No.DescriptionSection of M.V. ActCompounding Amt.
1Red Light jumping119/117Rs. 100
2Driving Left Hand Drive without indicator120/177Rs. 100
3Improper & Obstructive Parking122/177Rs. 100
4Travelling on Running Board (Driver)123(1)/177Rs. 100
5Travelling on Running Board (Passenger)123(2)/177Rs. 100
6Triple Riding128/177Rs. 100
7Driving without Helmet129/177Rs. 100
8Not Displaying Number Plate50/177Rs. 100
9Misbehaviour by TSR/Taxi Driver11.3/177Rs. 100
10Overcharging by TSR/Taxi Driver11.8/177Rs. 100
11Refusal by TSR/Taxi Driver11.9/177Rs. 100
12Driving without light (after sunset)105/177Rs. 100
13Driving without Horn119(1)/177Rs. 100
14Driving without Silencer120/190(2)Rs. 100
15Driving with a defective number plate50/177Rs. 100
16Violation of Stop Line113(1)/117Rs. 100
17Sec.177 (Subsequent offence)132/179Rs. 300
18Disobeying Lawful directions132/179Rs. 500
19Allowing the unauthorised person to Drive5/180Rs. 1000
20Driving without License3/181Rs. 500
21Driving by Minors4/181Rs. 500
22Over Speeding (1st Offence)112/183(1)Rs. 400
23Over Speeding (Subsequent Offence)112/183(1)Rs. 1000
24Abetment for Over speeding112/183(2)Rs. 300
25Sec 183(2) Subsequent Offence112/183(2)Rs. 500
26Driving dangerously (1st Offence)184Rs. 1000
27Driving dangerously (Subsequent offense)184Rs. 2000
28Using "Unregistered Vehicle" or displaying "Applied For"39/192Rs. 2000
29Sec.192(1) Subsequent offenceRs. 3000

Rajasthan police challan fees

29Sec.192(1) Subsequent offenceRs. 3000
30Violation of Yellow Line, Changing Lane without indication.18(2) RRR/119/117Rs. 100
31Violation of restriction of time on HTVs/Care on various roads115/194Rs. 2000
32Sec 194(1) Subsequent offence119/177Rs. 5000
33Violation of mandatory signs (One way, No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No Horn)99(1)(a)/177Rs. 100
34Excess Smoke96(1)/177Rs. 100
35Blowing of Pressure Horn23(1)/177Rs. 100
36Conductor without Uniform7/177Rs. 100
37Conductor without Badge22(1)/177Rs. 100
38Carrying Passengers on Goods vehicles84(2)/177Rs. 100
39Carrying Goods on Passenger vehicles84(3)/177Rs. 100
40Use of colored light on Motor Vehicle97(2)/177Rs. 100
41Cigarette Smoking in Vehicle86.1(5)/177Rs. 100
42No Overtaking6(1) RRR/177Rs. 100
43Vehicle Pollution:
atill 50 cc Two wheeler190(2)Rs. 100
bTwo wheeler above 50 cc190(2)Rs. 200
cAuto Rickshaw190(2)Rs. 300
dOther Three wheeler190(2)Rs. 500
eFour wheelers190(2)Rs. 1000

Rajasthan Traffic Police E- Challan Violation of Traffic Rules results in a Penalty. When a motorist is caught, we him/her give the option of going to Court, or of being Compounded on the spot of a small amount. If the court proves the motorist guilty, he/she still has to give the Penalty amount. Given are some Violations and their Penalslature The legislature of India has tended to this alteration in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, with a way to deal with advance protected and supportable versatility in the nation. The Indian Motor Vehicles revisions have discharged with the point of changing individuals' sensibility.

 Raj Police Challan online payment

Now you can pay Challan price online at the raj police e challan portal. Rajasthan Traffic Police E- Challan Fine Online Payment. Below is how the online payment is made Step by Step.

Full Step by Step Process of Rajasthan Traffic Police Online Payment of E- Challan

1. First of all Go to the official website of Rajasthan, Jaipur http://echallanjaipur.rajasthan.gov.in
2. You can visit this site directly from here- http://echallanjaipur.rajasthan.gov.in
3. Enter the Challan Number or Vehicle Number and select the button to search the challan and check its status. 
4. Choose the tick box and then button if the balance is due.
5. As you click on the button. The following Screen will be shown: 
6. Select the Bank and Click on the button.
7. It will redirect the page to your bank account login page.
8. Log in to your bank account and make payment.
9. On successful payment, the following message will be shown: Wait for 5 seconds. It will redirect you to Back to E Challan Website.

Check Now: E Challan Online Payment Of Rajasthan Traffic Police

Jaipur Traffic police will be propelling website too where one can make the payment through debit cards. Aside from the online payment of challan, Jaipur police are taking a shot at the arrangement of home delivery where police will charge some reasonable sum in case of home delivery of challan.

Traffic Police e challan Status Check Rajasthan

The device is connected to the central database utilizing the GPRS through the search on the premise of the name of the driver, vehicle number, percentage additionally the driver license details. You can check the status of your e-challan online.

E-challan is the electronic arrangement of Challan. The Jaipur traffic officer equipped with the handheld device to streamline the entire challan system from the first May 2015. Traffic police officers would likewise able to print the e-challans in the English language on the spot additionally forward it to the courts.

e challan government of Rajasthan police department

If the Traffic Police does the wrong E challan, you can register its compilation by the offline department method or the telephone.

Office: Jaipur Traffic Police
Control Room, Yaadgar Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur
Raj Police complaint No. 1095
Phone : 0141-2565630, 2561256.

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