● ज़िन्दगी को न करो परेशान, ट्रैफिक नियमो का करो सम्मान। ● सडक दुर्घटना से है अगर बचना, तो हमेशा हेलमेट पहने रहना। ● खुद की लाइफ को अगर है बढ़ाना, हमेशा सुरक्षा नियमो को अपनाना। ● सिर है सबसे नाज़ुक, हेलमेट लगाकर बने जागरूक।

E Challan Payment Status Check Online

E Challan Payment Status Check: Challan is a fine notice that shows that you have done offense of the rules of the traffic system. In the post, we are going to describe how to check online your Traffic Police Challan Status on the official website.

These challans are in the form of receipt which bears your name and charges you the fee you have to for breaking the rules of traffic. So next time if you see a traffic police officer beware of breaking any rule of traffic.

E Challan Payment Status Check

The traffic Police now have given the facility of checking your traffic police challan status online. Not only that you can pay the fee online also.

E Challan Payment Status Check Online

Make sure that you get a message of the successful transaction after the online payment. The interface of the official site of the traffic system is simple to follow and understand. Hence, it will be a very quick process for you. Just be sure you type your vehicle registration number correctly.

How to Check online traffic e-challan status of Your Vehicle?

Just like every Indian state has a dedicated online website for its RTO Office, it has a dedicated website for checking the status of e-challan as well. Here are the steps to check the e-challan status and make payment:

Step 1 – First of all search official web portal of your state traffic police.
Step 2 – Now visit the traffic police portal
Step 3 – On this home page select the link says Check E Challan Payment Status
Step 4 – Now open it an fill all required details eg. Challan No., Vehicle No., etc.
Step 5 – Enter the unique captcha code in the box and press enter

After following the steps given above, you can easily check your E Challan Payment Status

What is E-challan? 

Traffic strategy in India is the essential administrative office in the nation that is in charge of forestalling and controlling any demonstrations disregarding The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. They are in charge of the smooth development of traffic in the nation. To guarantee this, the organization is endeavoring to completely computerize traffic implementation.

A challan is a bit of paper which contains subtleties identified with the individual it is issued to, alongside a financial sum that the individual should pay. As a rule, a challan is issued if an individual disregards traffic administers in India. Generally, a challan was issued to the violators which thus used to pay money to the comparing cop. Be that as it may, soon the legislature watched defects in this procedure as the odds of paying off an officer are more with the trading of money.

To seal such escape clauses, e-challan was presented. E-challan is the electronic type of challan issued to a traffic violator. For making the e-challan installment, one doesn't have to pay money to the officer rather an online installment can be made through electronic exchange of cash.

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